Communities of Care

In attempts to help you better understand what Fallen Sparrow’s all about, last post we shared with you our mission, vision and strategy. These areas identify why we exist. Today’s post will help you see the critical nature of personal engagement on this side of the world and the other in creating Christ-centered communities of … Continue reading Communities of Care

Mission, Vision, Strategy

Fallen Sparrow is so thankful for your interest in our site but most importantly for your interest in the life change that’s happening in the country of Cambodia. We thought it would be helpful for you to get to know us a little better so over the next couple of weeks we will share with … Continue reading Mission, Vision, Strategy

First Blog Post

Welcome to the 1st official post of the Fallen Sparrow blog! Chances are, if you’ve found our website, it’s because you or someone you know has visited Cambodia and returned completely in love with the kids they met and the country that embraced them. To be sure you don’t miss a new post, sign up … Continue reading First Blog Post