Same Same, But Different

Press Release

Atlanta, Georgia, 5/12/2017- Things are changing with Fallen Sparrow.  After almost 10 years at the helm of Fallen Sparrow, Carol McKown is stepping down from her role as CEO.  She has been fundamental in the development, progress, and success of the organization.  But fear not, the mission will continue with some familiar faces in key roles.  Mike Davis will take the lead as Chairman of the Board, with John Burrough, Billy Nolan, Bill Hall, and Cheryl Crawford filling the rest of the seats.  CEO Jim McNally, CFO Stephen Newland, and CMO Beth Jacquin will handle the day-to-day operations.

The mission of partnering with local Christ-centered communities to alleviate poverty, encourage self-empowerment, and remove barriers to education and development for at-risk children will stay the same.  We will continue to send teams to develop and maintain relationships with the community.  We will continue to support the orphanage with rice and help them ensure the care and custody of our sponsored children.

Jim McNally

CEO, Fallen Sparrow


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