Wendy’s Return to Cambodia

This October a team of men and women will  be returning to Cambodia to love on the children of New Life Orphanages. Over the months leading up to their departure, we will highlight their stories. Through them you will see ordinary people called to love extraordinarily. We hope it might even encourage you to dream big and love bigger in your own back yard or even on the other side of the ocean.

This is Wendy’s story.

When I signed up for my first trip, I had big plans to go to Cambodia and change the world. I never planned on me being the one who changed. When I was accepted for the first trip, my Nana asked me if I even knew where Cambodia was on the map and I didn’t! But that didn’t stop me from going, and I have never regretted it.  The children there know the true meaning of unconditional love-a love like Jesus. Cambodia changed my perspective on life back home. Things that used to seem so important suddenly weren’t. Everything felt different, and I started planning my next trip. I am always overjoyed to receive letters from the kids and to be able to correspond with them. Over the years, the kids have grown into a spunky teenagers with their own talents and personalities and love languages. I wanted to be a blessing to these kids but it turns out they became more of a blessing to me. It’s funny how that happens. In October, I am returning for my 5th time and as the date grows closer, the excitement to see these amazing kids grows by leaps and bounds. I count down the months and days in between trips and live for the next one because this is what matters. Now I sponsor several children in Cambodia because I want to do everything I can to make a difference in their lives like they made in mine. God bless!

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