Sponsorship: it’s personal

Sponsorship is the lifeblood of Fallen Sparrow that allows our Cambodian children to grow in a consistent and healthy environment. Equally important is the connection it maintains between these children and another person who sees their value and is invested them personally.

Mike and Elloa are a husband and wife team who have impacted many. Their personal investment of time, money, talents, influence and resources to the children in Cambodia is literally changing lives there and here at home. They are active sponsors of several children so when asked why, Elloa’s answer was clear and simple.

Mike and I have sponsored at least 4 kids since 2009. Our list of sponsored kids has changed over the years, as kids’ circumstances change, but 3 of those names have stayed on our list for the past 7 years. For us, sponsorship is more than meeting daily physical and educational needs. It communicates to the kids that we’re taking a personal interest in them not just 1 or 2 weeks out of the year when we visit, but every single day of their lives. Sponsoring tells them that they have the safety net of someone who loves and cares for them in a very personal way.

We currently provide three different types of sponsorships: basic needs, primary education and secondary education.  Each sponsorship is $39/month.  There are numerous children amongst the three homes that are not currently sponsored in one or more of these categories.  We would love for you to experience the connection that comes through investing in others and I can personally vouch that there isn’t a more deserving group of kids. To find out more, please click here.

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