Another great day in the books!

Today was pretty laid back and it was so great just to hang out with the kids.

This week we are talking to the kids about finding their identity in God. Kelly Walker kicked us off with a great message about self worth and the labels we sometimes put on ourselves. Special thanks also to North Point Transit for giving us the content for the materials and for Silong for doing a great job interpreting for Kelly.

The rest of the day was spent playing games, volleyball, and just hanging out with the kids. Several of us got to tour the Phnom Penh Children’s Center and some even got private tours by a few of the kids.

The kids also spent about 3 hours writing letters back to their sponsors, so every be on the look out for your letters!

In the evening, we got a treat by going to a popular favorite for our mission teams—Chinese Noodle. Several of the kids joined us, and we also got joined by a mission team who are part of “The World Race.” Great to hear where their mission travels have taken them and hear the great work they’ve gotten to be a part of.

PS — The kids love Snapchat, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!


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