2016 June Mission Team

On June 16, we have a team leaving for Cambodia!

Our team will bring all 3 children’s centers (70+ Kids) to Phnom Penh for one BIG week!

We have a ton of stuff planned all centered around understanding our Identity in Christ. But since the kids check this site, we are going to try to keep some of our plans a surprise 🙂 So be sure to check out our blog from June 16-26 to see what we end up doing.

You can also follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/thefallensparrowfoundation)  or Instagram (@fallensparrowfoundation).

We have a total of 17 trip participants, 8 of which are going for the first time!

We have one more meeting and our retreat between now and the 16th. We could use prayer as we continue to plan and continue to grow as a team. Please pray that we’ll have a good time at our retreat telling our stories and that we will be sensitive in our planning to what God would have us do while we are there.

Should be an awesome week. Thanks for your support.

If you’d like to sponsor our team financially please visit: https://globalx.managedmissions.com/MyTrip/mostneededcambodiacamp0616 

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