Communities of Care

In attempts to help you better understand what Fallen Sparrow’s all about, last post we shared with you our mission, vision and strategy. These areas identify why we exist. Today’s post will help you see the critical nature of personal engagement on this side of the world and the other in creating Christ-centered communities of care.

We are focused on a growing group of sponsors who ultimately resource high quality communities of care to change a child’s life, world and legacy. Our resources come from you and allows us to provide these primary offerings to the kids:

  • Food, shelter, clothing
  • Medical care
  • Primary education
  • Secondary and post-secondary education
  • Career training

Other key offerings include:

  • Transitional support
  • Development of national leaders
  • Sponsor experience

In short, we couldn’t do this with you! So to those of you sponsoring a child, donating to a trip or contributing to Fallen Sparrow in any way, thank you! Your resources allow us to serve these children and Cambodia well and we believe make life change happen that will be long lasting.

Over the next several weeks you’ll be tracking along as our amazing summer team finishes its final preparations before leaving for Cambodia, June 16. Thank you to each person who has loved, led, encouraged, and supported this mission and the team participants. Join me in praying for them, their families and friends, their travel and ultimately the time they will spend representing the love of our heavenly father to these children.

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