Wendy’s Story

Wendy will be headed back to Cambodia for the 4th time this June. Here is a little bit about her history with Missions. As Wendy says, “I didn’t choose Cambodia, Cambodia chose me and CHANGED me.”

When I signed up for my first trip, I had “big” plans to go to Cambodia and change the world. I never planned on ME being the one who got changed. The children there know the true meaning of unconditional love-a love like Jesus. Cambodia changed my perspective on life back home. Things that used to seem so important suddenly weren’t. Everything felt different. I wanted more! In 2012, I met a little girl named Mean. She was quiet and reserved, and I fell in love with her immediately. We gravitated towards each other and when I got back to Atlanta after that first trip, I thought of her every day. 4 years later, I still think about her and the children in Cambodia every day. Now, I think of Mean as my child who just happens to live half way around the world. I am always overjoyed to receive her letters and to be able to correspond with her. She has grown into a spunky teenager with her own talents and personality, and love language. In June I am returning for the 4th time and as the date grows closer, the excitement to see these amazing kids by leaps and bounds. I live for my next trip every year. I count down the months and days in between trips because THIS is what matters. Now I sponsor multiple children in Cambodia because I want to do everything I can to make a difference in their lives…….just like they made in mine.

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