Fallen Sparrow’s 2016 Goals

This is certainly a time of transition for Fallen Sparrow. Some of you were not even aware we existed. Likely, you were more familiar with GlobalX, BrightPoint, or New Life Missions. Over the years, we have definitely taken a back seat to our partner organizations, but now Fallen Sparrow is entering a new phase. As GlobalX changes its relationship with New Life, Fallen Sparrow will be taking a more active role.

Some Important Information About This Transition: 

// We will continue to provide the funding for New Life that we have for the past six years, but we will begin taking a more active role in shaping the future of our partnership and working with New Life to develop the staff and prepare the kids for their futures.

// 2016 will be a pivotal year for Fallen Sparrow. We have already been working with New Life to uncover their needs for the future and clearly the biggest need is to foster a smooth transition for the children into adulthood. Much of our focus will be helping them determine the best way to provide for this transition and seeing how Fallen Sparrow can assist and resource this goal.

// In addition, with GlobalX ending trips to Cambodia, we will be picking up that responsibility and continuing to provide our sponsors and their friends and family with ways to visit their sponsored kids. We are working with GlobalX to make this transition as seamless as possible and are planning to offer 1-2 trips in 2017. More information to come.

What You Can Do:
[ 1 ] Stay informed: 
The best way to stay informed about what we’re doing is to sign up to receive email in the box to the TOP RIGHT of this page. 

We will blog somewhat infrequently, except for when trips are in progress. (This blog will also serve as the trip blog.) But when we have information about fundraising or changes at the orphanage, we will update that information here. If you sign up, you’ll receive an email each time we do.

[ 2 ] Keep Us Informed
Many of you get contacted directly from kids or staff at New Life Missions. Sometimes they will request funding, or inform you of problems at the orphanage. When this happens, please contact us at info@fallensparrow.org. It is never a good idea to send money directly to Cambodia; please always send it through Fallen Sparrow. Even well-intentioned requests can lead to harmful giving. And if you are informed of any problems being experienced in the orphanages, please let us know so that we can investigate further.

Thank you all for your continued support of Fallen Sparrow.

Mike Davis, Director
Beth Jacquin, Communications
Stephen Newland, Finance
Carol McKown, Founder

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