Drink Coffee & Help Fallen Sparrow

Fallen Sparrow recently encountered a great opportunity in a partnership with Phoenix Coffee Roasters.

A North Point Ministries staff member used Phoenix to purchase a gift of one pound of coffee for every volunteer in their Starting Point Ministry. Phoenix always donates $3 of every bag to a charity. The North Point Staff person chose Fallen Sparrow as the recipient of that donation and we were able to raise enough money to send one of our kids to college for a year.

Now Fallen Sparrow has a permanent storefront with Phoenix where anyone can buy a bag of coffee and $3 from each bag will go to benefit various projects at Fallen Sparrow. All donations go directly to the benefit of our sponsored kids through various special projects, including college tuition, building upgrades, medical expenses, and technology purchases.

So, if you drink coffee or know someone who does, give Phoenix a try!

Buy Coffee

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