First Blog Post

Welcome to the 1st official post of the Fallen Sparrow blog! Chances are, if you’ve found our website, it’s because you or someone you know has visited Cambodia and returned completely in love with the kids they met and the country that embraced them.

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Our hope is that this blog will cover an assortment of needs and topics:

  • Personal stories from both the kids and those visiting Cambodia
  • Communication of periodic needs and necessary fundraising
  • Team updates through the preparation season as well as during trips
  • Updates regarding children eligible for sponsorship and new additions to the orphanage

Ultimately though, we want this blog to capture how our unchanging God is bringing change to Cambodia and to us! These trips are such generous reminders of who God is and how unchanging His love, mercy, and faithfulness are regardless of hemisphere, language and time zone. So check back with us often because we believe there’s a way for everyone to be a part of the change that’s happening on the other side of the world.

Welcome to the Fallen Sparrow family!

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